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We can Restore of any vehicle, boats and trucks

There are Four levels of Restoration



This is for vehicles which are fully operational but may require replacement parts and some minor cosmetic adjustments.

To do this effectively, we will inspect your car very carefully, top to bottom, inside and out. This will help us see the kind of repairs that need to be done and how much they should cost. We can lift your vehicle to take a good look from beneath.


This applies to vehicles that are in working condition with no major cosmetic issues.

If you are not sure what this is, the 100-points system is a universal system used in rating the condition of a classic car. This ranges from 100 being excellent to 20 being unrestorable.

In order to get your classic to a street show level, we will start with a parts catalog relevant to your model. This will allow us to get the most accurate parts and accessories as well as ensure that you don’t run over your initial budget.


This level is most easily obtained by hiring professionals rather than relying on hobbyist tools and equipment. If professionally judged, a show car would score in the 90-95 point range.

You can still be a big part of the restoration process even after hiring a professional. How so? By studying the factory manual and understanding the different specs for your vehicle. Odds are you can find your vehicle’s old manual at the library, on eBay, or even in digital form online. That will helps us to determine a fair cost.


This is considered the highest, most professional level of restoration possible. This work is usually reserved for cars in auto shows or destined for private collectors. These vehicles are typically not meant to be driven in order to safeguard the beauty and magnificence of the restoration.

Ultimately, regardless of which level of restoration you choose, it is important to have your vehicle restored to last a long time. After the vehicle has been restored, and If the vehicle is properly maintained, it will become a valuable asset and a sure head turner in due time.

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